The Batura trek is the most accessible of giant Karakuram Glaciers from Karakuram Highway. It stretches west about 65km with more than 10 peaks above 7000 m. This trek is an easy stroll along a flower-filled gully between the lateral moraine of the Batura Glacier and the mountains. It is the one of the finest in the Karakuram with beautiful scenery and no major difficulties. Most of the trek is through ablution valley along streams, with almost no steep sections. The mountain views of Batura, Passu and Shispar Peak superb. The Passu women who spend the summer in the pastureland beside the glacier are friendly to female trekkers. Spending time with Passu people and their yaks in the pasture allows a glimpse into their unique way of life. The views of six Batura Peaks and the huge ice-fall from them to the glacier below are among the more remarkable mountain scenes anywhere in the Karakuram.


DAY 01: Islamabad Arrival & transfer to Hotel.
DAY 02: Drive to Chilas 7-8Hrs / Hotel.
DAY 03:Continue to Karimabad  6-7 Hrs / Hotel .

DAY 04: Drive to Passu 2400M 2Hrs / Hotel

DAY 05: Trek 4hrs to Yunzben 2880M/ camp.

DAY 07: Trek 3-4hrs to Yashprit 3302M/ camp.

DAY 08: 4-5hrs trek to Fatmahill 3402M/ camp.

DAY 09: Trek 3-4hrs to Guchesham 3630m/ camp.

DAY 10: Day Rest

DAY 11: Trek back to Kukhil 3500M 5-6Hrs

DAY 12:Treak Back to Yashprit

DAY13: Trek Back to Yunzben 2880M/camp.

DAY14: Drive to Gulmit 2-3 Hrs/Hotel

DAY 15: Jeep Drives to Karimabad 3Hrs /hotel

DAY 16: Drive to Chilas

DAY 17:Drive to Islamabad From Chilas 9-10 Hrs and hotel rest

DAY 18:Departure from Islamabad (Drop to airport)

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