The wild and roaring streams and rivers of the Northern Pakistan possess great potential for white and wild water sports. The rapids of these streams and rivers provide the ultimate adventure and thrill in mountain water sports and lend themselves to canoeing, Kayaking and white water rafting.Rafting in northern Pakistan excites the imagination. Here the mountains are one of the most rugged and isolated place on earth. The Swat river, Gilgit river, Hunza river, Kunar river, Neelam river, Chitral river and Indus river. All provide excellent stretches for white water canoeing and kayaking. The Indus River from Jaglot northwards till its origin is deemed unfit for rafting (unless you want your grave in the Indus River bed). The Indus River is a black raging river upto Jaglot and no one can even swim it. The best options for rafting are from Aliabad (Hunza) till Gilgit on the Gilgit river or on the Gilgit River near Phander.

White water rafting

Hunza River

Hunza River is the principal river of Hunza, in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is formed by the confluence of the Kilik and Khunjerab nalas which are fed by glaciers. (From Aliabad to Gilgit).
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Indus River

The Indus River is a major river in Asia which flows through Pakistan and India. It also has courses through western Tibet and Northern India. read more>>

Swat River

The Swat River is a river in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. Its source is in the Hindukush Mountains, from where it flows through the Kalam Valley and Swat District. read more>>

Khunar River

The Kunar River is about 480 km long, located in eastern Afghanistan and north-western Pakistan. The Kunar river system is fed from melting glaciers and snow of the Hindu Kush mountains.. read more>>