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Kalash tribes, a unique non-Muslim minority group, celebrate their annual harvest festival with much pomp and zeal from Aug 20 to Aug 22 every year in the mountains of Hindkush. They sing, dance and play to thank Mother Nature for a bountiful harvest through this festival. They prepare their traditional food especially on this occasion and drink wine with their women to show their pleasure. This year, the festival will be held on Aug from 20 to 22!

Uchal Festival: A Glimpse into the Vibrant Celebrations of the Kalash People

Nestled in the Chitral district of Pakistan, the Kalash people stand out as a unique and fascinating ethnic group, the smallest religious minority in the country. Their homeland, the Kalash Valley, is a treasure trove of history, traditions, and vibrant festivals that mark the passage of time.

Distinct from the majority Muslim population, the Kalash people adhere to their own ancient animist beliefs. This sets their festivities apart, infusing them with a unique character that resonates deeply with their cultural identity. Throughout the year, the Kalash observe a colorful array of celebrations, including the Uchal, Phoo, and Chomos festivals.

Among these, the Uchal Festival takes center stage, illuminating the summer months with an explosion of joy and gratitude. Held annually in August, this lively gathering serves as a tribute to the divine for bestowing upon them bountiful harvests and a fruitful season for foraging. During this time, men and women gather in the village square, their movements swaying to the rhythm of ancestral dances. As the festival's prayers echo through the air, a procession winds its way up to a plateau beyond the village of Balangkuru, where the night unfolds in a whirlwind of exuberant dance.

The Uchal Festival also serves as a catalyst for social cohesion, bringing families and friends from neighboring villages together in a tapestry of shared experiences. It's a time for feasting, laughter, and revelry, a testament to the enduring spirit of the Kalash people.

With its rich cultural and spiritual significance, the Uchal Festival stands as a beacon of the Kalash identity, a testament to their deep-rooted connection to the land and their unwavering faith in the divine.




Distance & Time


Day 1


  • Arrival at Islamabad airport and then transfer to your hotel


Islamabad Hotel Grand or Viridi Hotel

Day 2

Islamabad to Saidu Sharif Swat (the Switzerland of Pakistan)

  • Moring drive to Saidu Sharif via the historical city of Peshawar and the capital of Khyber Pukhtunkhuwa Province (170 km and about 7 hours’ drive)
  • In Peshawar, visit the famous story tellers bazaar and Mohabat Khan mosque
  • Later drive to Saidu Sharif, the capital of formerly princely state of majestic valley of Swat (175 km and about 3 hours’ drive)
  • Overnight stay at Swat Continental Hotel Mingora

260 km (05 hours)

Saidu Sharif

Day 3

Saidu Sharif to Chitral Town in the Hindukush Mountains

  • Drive to Chitral Town via Timar Garha, Dir and Upper Dir Districts with picturesque landscapes in the tribal belts
  • En route stops at Lowari Tunnel (12 km long) under Lowari Pass (3300 m from sealevel)
  • Late afternoon arrival at Bomboreth, the largest of all three villages in Kalash Valleys
  • Overnight stay at Saifullah’s Guesthouse Rumbur

270 km km (8 to 10 hours)


Day 4

Rumbur Village of Kalash Valleys

  • In the village of Rumbur to witness the festival and see the local culture
  • Spend the whole day around and later afternoon drive  back to Bombret, the biggest of all three villages in Kalash Valleys for overnight stay
  • Overnight stay at Saifullah’s Guesthouse Rumbur

50 km (2 hours)


Day 5


  • Full day to take part in the festival and see the culture
  • Overnight stay in Bombret at a local guesthouse



Day 6

Bombret to Chitral Town

  • Morning at Bombret and later drive to Chitral Town
  • Explore Chitral Town
  • Late afternoon drive to Gol National Park to watch Hindkush Ibex (subject to sighting)
  • Overnight stay in Chitral Town at Hotel Terichmir View


Chitral Town

Day 7

Chitral Town – Garam Chashma – Chitral Town

  • Full day excursion to Garam Chashma Town (60 km; 2 hours)
  • Lunch at Garam Chashm Village
  • Take dips in the hot spring (Garam Chashm means hot sulpur springs known for its healing effects to many skin diseases)
  • Late afternoon drive back to Chitral Town
  • Watch Chitral ibex at Gol Reserve before returning your hotel
  • Overnight stay in Chitral Town (Tirich Mir View Hotel)


Chitral Town

Day 8

Chitral Town to Islamabad

  • Early morning drive to Islamabad
  • En route stops at Swat Motorway
  • Late evening arrival at Islamabad and transfer to hotel
  • Overnight stay at Grand Peace Guesthouse or Sarai Silk Route Guesthouse or Hotel Grand

420 km (10 to 12 hours)


Day 9


  • In the morning visit Faisal Mosque, Daman e Koh View Point and Shakar Pariyan Monument
  • Lunch at Kabul Restaurant Jinnah Super
  • Visit Buddha Caves at Shah Allah Ditta
  • Explore Golra Museum at Golra
  • Free time at Jinnah Super Market
  • After an early dinner at Saidpur Village Food Street transfer to the airport

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